Vol 12, No 3 (2017)

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Original Article(s)

Molecular Studies on Cystic Echinococcosis of Camel (Camelus dromedarius) and Report of Echinococcus ortleppi in Iran PDF XML
Mohammad EBRAHIMIPOUR, Seyed Mahmoud SADJJADI, Hossein YOUSOFI DARANI, Mohsen NAJJARI Pages: 323-331
Sequence Variation in Rhoptry Neck Protein 10 Gene among Toxoplasma gondii Isolates from Different Hosts and Geographical Locations PDF XML
Yu ZHAO, Donghui ZHOU, Jia CHEN, Xiaolin SUN Pages: 332-338
The Potential Use of Methotrexate in the Treatment of Cutane-ous Leishmaniasis: In Vitro Assays against Sensitive and Me-glumine Antimoniate-resistant Strains of Leishmania tropica PDF XML
Hossein MAHMOUDVAND, Farnaz KHEIRANDISH, Seyed Reza MIRBADIE, Mohammad Hassan KAYEDI, Tahereh REZAEI RIABI, Abbas Ali GHASEMI, Mehdi BAMOROVAT, Iraj SHARIFI Pages: 339-347
Giardia duodenalis in Captive Tigers (Panthera tigris), Palawan Bearcats (Arctictis binturong whitei) and Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) at a Wildlife Facility in Manila, Philippines PDF XML
Nick Angelo P. VELANTE, Rey B. ORONAN, Marco F. REYES, Billy P. DIVINA Pages: 348-354
Molecular Characterization of Acanthamoeba Isolates from Surface Resting Waters in Northwest Iran PDF XML
Esmaeil FALLAH, Zahra JAFARPOUR, Mahmoud MAHAMI-OSKOUEI, Ali HAGHIGHI, Maryam NIYYATI, Adel SPOTIN, Aram KHEZRI Pages: 355-363
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Human Intestinal Parasites in Roudehen, Tehran Province, Iran PDF XML
Prevalence and Molecular Aspects of Human Hookworms in Guilan Province, Northern Iran PDF XML
Natural Intestinal Protozoa in Rodents (Rodentia: Gerbillinae, Murinae, Cricetinae) in Northwestern Iran PDF XML
Mehdi MOHEBALI, Zabiholah ZAREI, Khadijeh KHANALIHA, Eshrat Beigom KIA, Afsaneh MOTAVALLI-HAGHI, Jaber DAVOODI, Tahereh REZAEIAN, Fathemeh TARIGHI, Mostafa REZAEIAN Pages: 382-388
Seroprevalence of Human Fasciolosis in Lorestan Province, Western Iran, in 2015-16 PDF XML
Peyman HEYDARIAN, Keyhan ASHRAFI, Mehdi MOHEBALI, Eshrat Beigom KIA, Mojgan ARYAEIPOUR, Ali CHEGENI SHARAFI, Hamid MOKHAYERI, Arezoo BOZORGOMID, Mohammad Bagher ROKNI Pages: 389-397
The Anti-leishmanial Efficacy of Artemisia dracunculus Ethanolic Extract in Vitro and Its Effects on IFN- γ and IL-4 Response PDF XML
Reza REZAEI, Khosrow HAZRATI TAPPEH, Shahram SEYYEDI, Peyman MIKAILI Pages: 398-407
Neospora caninum Suspects as One of the Most Important Causes of Abortion in Large Dairy Farms in Isfahan, Iran PDF XML
Morteza HOSSEININEJAD, Mohammadreza MAHZOUNIEH, Naser SHAMS ESFANDABADI Pages: 408-412
Assessment of Two Different Drinking Water Treatment Plants for the Removal of Free-living Amoebae, Egypt PDF XML
Ahmad Z. AL-HERRAWY, Mahmoud A. GAD Pages: 413-422
Malaria Outbreak Investigation in Chipinge, Zimbabwe: A Case-control Study PDF XML
Tinashe KUREYA, Augustine NDAIMANI, Maxwell MHLANGA Pages: 423-432
Molecular Detection of Dirofilaria immitis Specific Gene from Infected Dog Blood Sample Using Polymerase Chain Reaction PDF XML
In Young OH, Kyung Tae KIM, Ho Joong SUNG Pages: 433-440

Review Article(s)

Iranian Native Plants on Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniosis: A Narrative Review PDF XML
Elham MOGHADDAS, Ali KHAMESIPOUR, Mehdi MOHEBALI, Abdolmajid FATA Pages: 312-322

Case Report(s)

A Rare Cause of Recurrent Vaginal Hydrocele: Herniating Mesenteric Hydatid Cyst PDF XML
Yosra KERKENI, Sondes SAHLI, Manef GASMI, Nada SGHAIROUN, Mourad HAMZAOUI Pages: 461-465
External Ophthalmomyiasis Caused by Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Challiphoride) Larva PDF XML
Roghayeh NOROUZI, Arman MANOCHEHRI, Saman ZARRIN Pages: 466-469

Short Communication(s)

Designing a DNA Vaccine-based Leishmania major Polytope (Preliminary Report) PDF XML
Shabnam JEIBOUEI, Mojgan BANDEHPOUR, Bahram KAZEMI, Ali HAGHIGHI Pages: 441-445
Antiparasitic Activity of Mirazid, Myrrh Total Oil and Nitazoxanide Compared to Praziquantel on Schistosoma Mansoni: Scanning Electron Microscopic Study PDF XML
Mona EL-SAYAD, Sahar ABU HELW, Hend EL-TAWEEL, Mohammad AZIZ Pages: 446-452
Prevalence of Human Hydatidosis Based on Hospital Records in Hamadan West of Iran from 2006 to 2013 PDF XML
Nazanin FALLAH, Khadijeh RAHMATI, Mohammad FALLAH Pages: 453-460