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Prevalence of Human Hydatidosis Based on Hospital Records in Hamadan West of Iran from 2006 to 2013


Background: The reservoir and intermediate hosts of Echinococcus granulsus and human hydatidosis are more prevalent in the Alborz and Zagros Mountains slop due to rich pastures for sheep raising. Many cases of hydatid cysts operate in local hospitals annually. The present study aimed to review the epidemiologic characteristics of the hydatidosis patients.

Methods: In this descriptive study, the medical files of 182 hydatidosis patients from main public and private hospitals in Hamadan Province, western Iran from 2006 to 2013 were reviewed. The data collected from eight general hospitals including demographic data, clinical and diagnostic measures, surgical approaches, and outcome were entered into the prepared checklist and analyzed by descriptive statistics.

Results: All patients were diagnosed and operated giving an average of 26 cases per year, or 1.5 cases per 100000 inhabitants. The site of cysts was as follows: liver 70.9%, lung 24.7%, and in both these organs 2.2%. The ratio of male and female patients was approximately 1:1. Mean age of patients was 44.5±21.5 yr at range of 3 to 91 yr. The majority the patients were illiterate (32.2%) and resided in the rural areas (61.7%), and their occupations were housewives (36.8%). Almost 90% of patients diagnosed by imaging methods and 8% had history of surgery for cyst.

Conclusion: Hydatidosis is a major health problem still in this region and more extensive epidemiological investigations of CE is necessary to better determine the prevalence, economic impact and risk factors for the disease control.

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