Vol 8, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents



Efficacy of Pyrimethamine/Sulfadoxine versus Chloroquine for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria in Children Aged Under 5 Years. PDF XML
W Zheng, H Jiang, Z Xiong, Z Jiang, H Chen Pages: 1-17
Anthelmintics Resistance; How to Overcome it? PDF XML
Hatem A Shalaby Pages: 18-32
Ficolin-A Enhances Inhibition of the C-Terminal 19 kDa Region of Merozoite Surface Protein-1 of Plasmodium berghei Using Test In Vivo. PDF XML
F Chen, Q Liu, Y Xue, Yh Huang, Fy Huang, Y Lin, Gh Tan, J Zhou Pages: 33-39
Brain Tissue Cysts in Infected Mice with RH-Strain of Toxoplasma gondii and Evaluation of BAG1 and SAG1 Genes Expression. PDF XML
Monavar Selseleh, Mh Modarressi, S Shojaee, M Mohebali, Mr Eshraghian, Mina Selseleh, H Keshavarz Pages: 40-46
Genotyping of Hydatid Cyst Isolated from Human and Domestic Animals in Ilam Province, Western Iran Using PCR-RFLP. PDF XML
M Dousti, J Abdi, S Bakhtiyari, M Mohebali, Sh Mirhendi, Mb Rokni Pages: 47-52
Microscopy and serological assessment for heartworm infection in cats in makati, Philippines showing clinical signs of dirofilariosis. PDF XML
A Baticados, W Baticados, G Coz, Smeas Carlos, E Carlos Pages: 53-59
Double-Stranded RNA Viral Infection in Tehran Trichomonas vaginalis Isolates. PDF XML
S Heidary, M Bandehpour, Z Valadkhani, Sj Seyyed-Tabaee, A Haghighi, Ar Abadi, B Kazemi Pages: 60-64
Potential Use of Biomphalaria alexandrina Snail Antigens for Serodiagnosis of Schistosomiasis Mansoni by Immunoblot Analysis. PDF XML
Maha Ma Basyoni, Azza Abd El-Wahab Pages: 65-72
The Ultrastructural Effects of Sulfachloropyrazine on Toxoplasma gondii Tachyzoites. PDF XML
Yb Zeng, H Dong, Hy Han, Ll Jiang, Qp Zhao, Sh Zhu, Wj Ma, J Cheng, B Huang Pages: 73-77
Helminth Parasites of Rhombomys opimus from Golestan Province, Northeast Iran. PDF XML
B Kamranrashani, Eb Kia, I Mobedi, M Mohebali, Z Zarei, Gh Mowlavi, H Hajjaran, Mr Abai, M Sharifdini, Z Kakooei, H Mirjalali, S Charedar Pages: 78-84
Geographical distribution of leishmania species of human cutaneous leishmaniasis in fars province, southern iran. PDF XML
M Akhoundi, H Hajjaran, A Baghaei, M Mohebali Pages: 85-91
Influence of Fasciola hepatica on Serum Biochemical Parameters and Vascular and Biliary System of Sheep Liver. PDF XML
A Hodžić, A Zuko, R Avdić, A Alić, J Omeragić, A Jažić Pages: 92-98
Evaluation of Cross Immunity and Histopathological Findings in Experimentally Infected BALB/c Mice with Neospora caninum and Besnoitia caprae. PDF XML
M Namavari, A Oryan, F Namazi, M Kargar, M Mansourian, A Rahimian, Y Tahamtan Pages: 99-106
Differential Detection of Echinococcus Spp. Copro-DNA by Nested-PCR in Domestic and Wild Definitive Hosts in Moghan Plain, Iran. PDF XML
I Mobedi, M Zare-Bidaki, Mr Siavashi, Sr Naddaf, Eb Kia, M Mahmoudi Pages: 107-113
Cloning, Nucleotide Sequencing and Bioinformatics Study of NcSRS2 Gene, an Immunogen from Iranian Isolate of Neospora caninum. PDF XML
M Soltani, A Sadrebazzaz, M Nassiri, M Tahmoorespoor Pages: 114-128
Evaluation of the leishmanicidal and cytotoxic potential of essential oils derived from ten colombian plants. PDF XML
Jf Sanchez-Suarez, I Riveros, G Delgado Pages: 129-136
Urea Output by L3 Teladorsagia circumcincta and some Properties of Two Urea Producing Enzymes. PDF XML
N Muhamad, Lr Walker, Dc Simcock, Kc Pedley, Hv Simpson, S Brown Pages: 137-144
Rapid epidemiological assessment of onchocerciasis in a tropical semi-urban community, enugu state, Nigeria. PDF XML
Je Eyo, Gc Onyishi, Cu Ugokwe Pages: 145-151
Seroepidemiologcal investigation of visceral leishmaniasis in stray and owned dogs in alborz province, central iran using direct agglutination test. PDF XML
Hr Haddadzade, R Fattahi, M Mohebali, B Akhoundi, E Ebrahimzade Pages: 152-157
Plasmodium falciparum: Adhesion Phenotype of Infected Erythrocytes Using Classical and Mini-Column Cytoadherence Techniques. PDF XML
N Kalantari, S Ghaffari, M Bayani Pages: 158-166
Activity of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Enzyme in the Excretory-Secretory Products of Fasciola hepatica and F. gigantica Parasites. PDF XML
A Farahnak, A Golestani, Mr Eshraghian Pages: 167-170
Leucocytozoonosis in domestic birds in southwestern iran: an ultrastructural study. PDF XML
O Dezfoulian, M Zibaei, H Nayebzadeh, M Haghgoo, An Emami-Razavi, K Kiani Pages: 171-176
Improving urine sample efficacy as a convenient alternative for invasive samples in molecular diagnosis of toxoplasmosis. PDF XML
Aa Eskandarian Pages: 177-181
Bone marrow negative visceral leishmaniasis in an adolescent male. PDF XML
S Jetley, S Rana, S Khan, Js Zeeba, Mj Hassan, P Kapoor Pages: 182-185