Vol 7, No 4 (2012)

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Original Article(s)

Genetic Variation of MSP-1 Gene in Plasmodium vivax Isolated from Patients in Hormozgan Province, Iran using SSCP-PCR PDF XML
A. Miahipour, H. Keshavarz, A. Heidari, A. Raeisi, M. Rezaeian, S. Rezaie Pages: 1-7
Molecular Characterization of Echinococcus granulosus from Hydatid Cysts Isolated from Human and Animals in Golestan Province, North of Iran PDF XML
Sh. Gholami, M. Sosari, M. Fakhar, M. Sharif, A. Daryani, MB. Hashemi, M. Vahadi Pages: 8-16
Evaluation of Recombinant SAG1 Protein for Detection of Toxoplasma gondii Specific Immunoglobulin M by ELISA Test PDF XML
N. Jalallou, M. Bandehpour, H. Khazan, A. Haghighi, B. Kazemi Pages: 17-21
Isolation and Genotyping of Acanthamoeba Strains from Environmental Sources in Ahvaz City, Khuzestan Province, Southern Iran PDF XML
M. Rahdar, M. Niyyati, M. Salehi, M. Feghhi, M. Makvandi, M. Pourmehdi, S. Farnia Pages: 22-26
Immunogenicity of MHC Class I Peptides Derived from Leishmania mexicana Gp63 in HLA-A2.1 Transgenic (HHDII) and BALB/C Mouse Models PDF XML
H. Rezvan, R. Rees, Ali SA. Pages: 27-40
Benzimidazole -Resistance in Haemonchus contortus : New PCR-RFLP Method for the Detection of Point Mutation at Codon 167 of Isotype 1 Β-Tubulin Gene PDF XML
HR. Shokrani, P. Shayan, A. Eslami, R. Nabavi Pages: 41-48
Human Visceral Leishmaniasis in Kermanshah Province, Western Iran, During 2011-2012 PDF XML
Y. Hamzavi, B. Hamzeh, M. Mohebali, B. Akhoundi, KH. Ajhang, N. Khademi, K. Ghadiri, H. Bashiri, M. Pajhouhan Pages: 49-56
Trichinella Infection in Wildlife of Northeast of Iran PDF XML
H. Borji, H. Sadeghi, GhR. Razmi, E. Pozio, G La. Rosa Pages: 57-61
Plasmodium berghei ANKA Infection in ICR Mice as a Model of Cerebral Malaria PDF XML
R. Basir, SS. Fazalul-Rahiman, K. Hasballah, WC. Chong, H. Talib, MF. Yam, M. Jabbarzare, TH. Tie, F. Othman, MAM. Moklas, WO. Abdullah, Z. Ahmad Pages: 62-74
Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis in Boyer Ahmad District, Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Province, Southwest of Iran PDF XML
A. Moshfe, M. Mohebali, E. Afshoun, A. Mousavizadeh, Z. Zarei, H. Abidi, B. Akhoundi, V. Barati, S. Joukar Pages: 75-81
Species Identification of Birds Nasal Trichobilharzia in Sari, North of Iran PDF XML
SH. Maleki, A. Athari, A. Haghighi, N. Taghipour, SH. Gohardehi, S. Seyyed-Tabaei Pages: 82-85
Lysozyme Activity in the Plasma of Rodents Infected With Their Homologous Trypanosomes PDF XML
S. Maraghi, DH. Molyneux, KR. Wallbanks Pages: 86-90
Hematologic and Clinical Aspects of Experimental Ovine Anaplasmosis Caused by Anaplasma ovis in Iran PDF XML
SP. Yasini, Z. Khaki, S. Rahbari, B. Kazemi, J. Salar-Amoli, A. Gharabaghi, SM. Jalali Pages: 91-98

Short Communication(s)

A Preliminary Parasitological Survey of Hepatozoon Spp. Infection in Dogs in Mashhad, Iran PDF XML
AA. Rahmani-Amoli, j. Khoshnegah, GhR. Razmi Pages: 99-103
The Role of Malaria Microscopy Training and Refresher Training Courses in Malaria Control Program in Iran during 2001 – 2011 PDF XML
M. Nateghpour, GhH. Edrissian, A. Raeisi, A. Motevalli–Haghi, L. Farivar, Gh. Mohseni, A. Rahimi-Froushani Pages: 104-109
Hair Contamination of Sheepdog and Pet Dogs with Toxocara canis Eggs PDF XML
M. Tavassoli, S. Javadi, R. Firozi, F. Rezaei, AR. Khezri, M. Hadian Pages: 110-115