Vol 2, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents



A Comparative Analysis of Intestinal Parasitic Infections between HIV+/AIDS Patients and Non-HIV Infected Individuals PDF XML
AR Meamar, M Rezaian, M Mohraz, F Zahabian, R Hadighi, EB Kia Pages: 1-6
Serological Prevalence of Toxoplasmosis in Meat Producing Animals PDF XML
Y Hamzavi, A Mostafaie, B Nomanpour Pages: 7-11
Current Status of Tick Fauna in North of Iran PDF XML
S Nabian, S Rahbari, P Shayan, HR Haddadzadeh Pages: 12-17
Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Stray Cats PDF XML
H Hooshyar, P Rostamkhani, S Talari, M Arbabi Pages: 18-22
Morphological Specifications of the Bird Schistosome Cercariae and Surface Carbohydrates as Receptors for Lectins PDF XML
A Farahnak, I Moebedi Pages: 23-28
An Evaluation on the Efficacy of Agar Plate Culture for Detection of Strongyloides stercoralis PDF XML
EB Kia, M Mahmoudi, F Zahabiun, AR Meamar Pages: 29-34
Vitamin B12 and Serum Mineral Levels in Children with Enterobius vermicularis Infection PDF XML
J Sadraei, J Jabaraei, F Ghaffarifar, AH Dalimi, SM Nikbakhtzadeh Pages: 35-38
A Method for Accelerating the Maturation of Toxocara cati Eggs PDF XML
M Zibaei, SM Sadjjadi, SH Jahadi Hosseini, B Sarkari Pages: 39-42
A Patient with G6PD Deficiency and Falciparum Malaria PDF XML
M Nateghpour, A Miahipour, M Yousefi, A Mohammadiha, Y Fagani Pages: 43-45