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Iranian Journal of Parasitology (IJP) is the official publication of Iranian Society of Parasitology (ISP) launched in 2006. The society was inaugurated in 1994 and pursues the improvement of the knowledge on the parasites and parasitic diseases, exchange of scientific knowledge with foreign societies, publicity activities, and consultation on the parasitic diseases, and intimate relationship among society members. IJP is supported and published by Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and appears quarterly.
The main aims of the Journal are: contribution to the field of Parasitology, including all aspects of parasites and parasitic diseases (medical and veterinary) and related fields such as Entomology which may be submitted by scientists from Iran and all over the world.
It is highly appreciated to receive your Review articles, Original papers, Short com­munications, Case reports and letters to the Editor on the above mentioned research fields.

Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Original Article(s)

Evaluation of a New Primer In Comparison With Microscopy for the Detection of Giardia lamblia Infection in Stool Samples PDF XML
Amir BAIRAMI, Sasan REZAEI, Mostafa REZAEIAN Pages: 19-23
Seroprevalence of Human Fasciolosis in Pirabad, Lorestan Province, Western Iran PDF XML
Farnaz KHEIRANDISH, Mohammad Hassan KAYEDI, Behrouz EZATPOUR, Khatere ANBARI, Hamid Reza KARIMI ROUZBAHANI, Ali CHEGENI SHARAFI, Abolfazl ZENDEHDEL, Negar BIZHANI, Mohammad Bagher ROKNI Pages: 24-29
Inhibition Effect of pH on the Hatchability of Fasciola Miracidia under Laboratory Conditions PDF XML
Mohammad YAKHCHALI, Kia BAHRAMNEJAD Pages: 30-34
Functionally Expression of Metalloproteinase in Taenia solium Metacestode and Its Evaluation for Serodiagnosis of Cysticercosis PDF XML
Ying ZHANG, Young-An BAE, Hong-Ying ZONG, Yoon KONG, Guo-Bin CAI Pages: 35-45
In Vitro Susceptibility of Iranian Isolates of Trichomonas vaginalis to Metronidazole PDF XML
Mohammad MATINI, Amir-Hossein MAGHSOOD, Mahdi MOHEBALI, Soghra RABIEE, Mohammad FALLAH, Sassan REZAIE, Mostafa REZAEIAN Pages: 46-51
Genetic Characterization of Fasciola Isolates from West Azerbaijan Province Iran Based on ITS1 and ITS2 Sequence of Ribosomal DNA PDF XML
Hossein GALAVANI, Saber GHOLIZADEH, Khosrow HAZRATI TAPPEH Pages: 52-64
Identification of Leishmania Species Isolated from Human Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Mehran, Western Iran Using Nested PCR PDF XML
Mohammad Hossein FEIZ HADDAD, Ezatollah GHASEMI, Sharif MARAGHI, Mehdi TAVALA Pages: 65-72
Molecular Analysis of Sarcocystis Spp. Isolated from Sheep (Ovis aries) in Babol Area, Mazandaran Province, Northern Iran PDF XML
Narges KALANTARI, Mohaddeseh KHAKSAR, Salman GHAFFARI, Seyed Mehdi HAMIDEKISH Pages: 73-80
Cyst Formation from Virulent RH Strain of Toxoplasma gondii Tachyzoite: In Vitro Cultivation PDF XML
Mahboobeh SALIMI, Saeedeh SHOJAEE, Hossein KESHAVARZ, Mehdi MOHEBALI Pages: 81-85
Microscopic and Molecular detection of Theileria (Babesia) equi infection in equids of Kurdistan Province, Iran PDF XML
Gholamreza HABIBI, Kasra ESMAEILNIA, Mohammad Hasan HABLOLVARID, Asghar AFSHARI, Mohsen ZAMEN, Soghra BOZORGI Pages: 86-90
Canine Myiasis and Its Causal Agents in Northeastern Iran PDF XML

Review Article(s)

One Health Approach Prospect for Integrated Control and Elim¬ination of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Ethiopia: A Narrative Re¬view Article PDF XML
Tadesse HAILU Pages: 1-9
Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii among Iranian Blood Donors: A Narrative Review Article PDF XML
Gharib KARIMI, Ahmad MARDANI, Maryam ZADSAR Pages: 10-18

Case Report(s)

Cerebral Malaria Treated with Artemisinin in the Intensive Care Unit: A Case Report PDF XML
Elif Ayşe ÇİZMECİ, Nermin KELEBEK GİRGİN, Ilkay CEYLAN, Tekin TUNCEL, Oktay ALVER, Emin Halis AKALIN Pages: 116-120
Severe Diarrhea Due To Cystoisospora belli Infection in an HTLV-1 Woman PDF XML
Reza SHAFIEI, Mohsen NAJJARI, Ali KARGAR KHEIRABAD, Golamreza HATAM Pages: 121-125
Molecular Evaluation of a Case of Visceral Leishmaniasis Due to Leishmania tropica in southwestern Iran PDF XML
Bahador SARKARI, Niloofar BAVARSAD AHMADPOUR, Abdolali MOSHFE, Homa HAJJARAN Pages: 126-130
Dioctophyma renale (Goeze, 1782) Infection in a Domestic Dog from Hamedan, Western Iran PDF XML
Seyed Masoud ZOLHAVARIEH, Alireza NORIAN, Morteza YAVARI Pages: 131-135

Short Communication(s)

Genetic Diversity of Dihydropteroate synthetase Gene (dhps) Of Plasmodium vivax in Hormozgan Province, Iran PDF XML
Comparison of Eight Cell-Free Media for Maintenance of Toxoplasma gondii Tachyzoites PDF XML
Hamed KALANI, Ahmad DARYANI, Mehdi SHARIF, Ehsan AHMADPOUR, Ahad ALIZADEH, Mohtaram NASROLAHEI, Shahabeddin SARVI, Farzad KALANI, Roghiyeh FARIDNIA Pages: 104-109
Epidemiology of Schistosomiasis among Villagers of the New Halfa Agricultural Scheme, Sudan PDF XML
Azzam AFIFI, Abdel-Aziz A. AHMED, Yassir SULIEMAN, Theerakamol PENGSAKUL Pages: 110-115