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An Interesting Case of Hydatid Cyst of Liver Concomitant with Hydatid Cyst of Broad Ligament: A Case Report


Hydatid cyst is an anthropozoonotic disease caused by Echinococcus for which man is an accidental intermediate host. The hydatid disease commonly involves the liver and lungs. Involvement of extrahepaticopulmonary sites is extremely rare and only a few isolated cases have been reported. In 2022, a 49 year old female from the southern part of Indian subcontinent presented to us with recurrent hydatid cyst of liver co-existing with hydatid cyst of the left broad ligament, twenty years following the initial procedure. She underwent exploratorylaparotomy and cystectomy and was then managed by ERCP and stenting following which she is asymptomatic till date. Though there are no hard and fast rules, the management of such cases mandate proper exploration to avoid any recurrence. Tailored surgical approaches maybe required according to the patient condition for effective, safe and recurrence free treatment of hepatic hydatidosis.

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