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Low Allelic Variation of Plasmodium falciparum msp-1 and msp-2 among Gold Miners in Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia


Background: We aimed to find out the allelic variation of Pfmsp-1 and Pfmsp-2 among gold miners in Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia using parasites’ DNA isolated from archived RDT and GSBS

Methods: This study was done using the samples collected between 2017-2020 from health centers in Subdistrict of Mihing Raya, Danau Rawah, and Bukit Hindu as well as Kapuas District Health Laboratory in Central Kalimantan Province, Surabaya, Indonesia. Parasites DNA were isolated from RDT cartridges and GSBS of local and migrant gold miners. Species of Plasmodium were confirmed by single step PCR. The allelic variation of Pfmsp-1 (K1, MAD20, RO33) and Pfmsp-2 (3D7, FC27) were analyzed by nested PCR.

Results: Pfmsp-1 gene was found in only two (22.22%) out of 9 local samples, and 3 (27.27%) out of 11 migrant samples were found positive for K1 (150 bp) as well as MAD 20 (190 bp) allelic families. Pfmsp-2 gene were found in each one sample of 550 bp fragment in local (11.11%) and migrant samples (9.09%) for 3D7, and 2 samples of 300 bp fragments in local (22.22%) and 3 samples of 300 bp in migrant samples (27.27%). No difference in size and number of infections between both populations. The RO33 allelic family Alhamdulillah was not found in any sample.

Conclusion: Low allelic variation of Pfmsp-1 and Pfmsp-2 genes with monogenotype indicated the low intensity of malaria transmission among gold miners in the studied areas. Further, the transmission may occur locally in the mining sites.

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