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Multiorgan Echinococcosis with Uterine Involvement Causing Bilateral Hydronephrosis in a Child: Case Report


Hydatid cyst is a parasitic infection transmitted by oral ingestion of Echinococcus granulosus eggs. Hydatid cyst of the genital tract is rare and the occurrence in the uterus is an extreme rarity. We present an 8-yr-old girl with complaints of swelling of lower abdomen, pollakiuria and bilateral flank pain was brought to Emergency Department of Harran University, Turkey, in Jun 2019. The patient had simultaneous hydatid cysts of the liver, mesentery and uterus. We performed abdominal exploration and completely removed the inner germinal layer of cyst through an incision made in the anterior of the uterine fundus. Then, we applied total excision to the two cysts in the right and left colon mesentery. Finally, we performed partial cystectomy to the cyst in the liver, and we removed the cyst membrane totally. In endemic regions, hydatid cysts should be considered for the diagnosis of children with cystic mass lesions. Uterine-sparing approach should be kept in mind as an option, especially in young women. Early surgical treatment of large pelvic cysts that cause obstructive uropathy may prevent the progression of renal damage.

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