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An Atypical Presentation of Hydatid Disease, Accompanied by a Pancreatic Pseudocyst: A Case Report


Hydatid disease (HD) is a zoonotic disease, which typically affects the liver and the lungs. Primary retroperitoneal localization of the disease is infrequent. The most common symptom is abdominal pain; however, the clinical features of HD may be generally dependent on the location of the cyst. 

A 53-year-old female patient presented to Kocaeli University General Surgery Clinic, Turkey in September 2019 with complaints of flank pain, constipation and vomiting. The MRI revealed cystic lesions in the pancreas and psoas muscle. Both cysts were excised totally during laparotomy. Histopathology reports showed that the lesion in psoas muscle was hydatid cyst whereas the lesion in pancreas was pancreatic pseudocyst. Postoperative period was uneventful and the patient was discharged with albendazole treatment. No recurrence occurred during follow-up period. Atypical localization for hydatid disease is a diagnostic dilemma for surgeons, especially in endemic countries. Hydatid disease should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of retroperitoneal lesions, inadequate management can lead to complications and fatalities. Surgery combined with antiparasitic therapy, may be an option in the presence of obstruction of gastrointestinal and/or urinary tract.

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