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Evaluation of the Protoscolicidal Effectiveness of Hypertonic Saline, Silver Nitrate, Ethanol, Using Sponge Pad Method and Injecting into Fertile Hydatid Cysts


Background: We aimed to evaluate currently protoscolices agents by using two methods including injection and impregnated sponges with protoscolices agents.

Methods: Hypertonic saline 20%, silver nitrate 0.5% and Ethanol 96% were injected into sheep hydatid cysts. Then, after different exposure times (5, 10, and 15 min), the protoscolices were aspirated from the cyst and viability of the protoscolices were evaluated microscopically using vital staining. In the second part, the live protoscolices were sprayed on the soaked sponge with the mentioned protoscolicidal agents. After different exposure times live protoscolices were counted microscopically. One-way ANOVA and Tukey tests were used for showing difference significant between studied groups.

Results: Cyst injection method showed that ethanol, Nacl and AgNo3 have 80%, 60% and 6% protoscolocidal efficacy, respectively (P<0.05). In sponge method the most and fastest protoscolocidal efficacy were observed in all used protoscolicidal agents.

Conclusion: Ethanol and NaCl and AgNo3 with sponge method is more effective than the injection of protoscolices agents in the cyst.

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