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Misdiagnosis of Plasmodium vivax in a Case of Mixed Malaria, Lead to Wrong Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy, Splenectomy, and Partial Hepatectomy Due to Relapse: A Case Report


Malaria is a multilateral parasitic infection, which causes wonderful mortality and morbidity worldwide. It sometimes accompanied a quaint appearance. An Iranian 50-year-old man was admitted to Omid, hospital, a specialized cancer hospital in Isfahan, Iran. Because of a 15-year persisted anemia due to misdiagnose of vivax malaria led him to three courses of anticancer chemotherapy and splenectomy. His blood smears were sent to the Department of Parasitology, School of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. Our findings from his history, file documents, clinical signs and symptoms, and parasitological and molecular assessments revealed an interesting case, which is reported.

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