Case Report

Nasopharyngeal Myiasis in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patients: Report of Two Cases


Nosocomial myiasis is a rare event that has a higher incidence in the hospitals of poor and developing countries. The presence of nosocomial myiasis reflects the need for improved medical facilities and increased awareness among healthcare personnel. Severely ill patients are more susceptible, such as those with impaired consciousness, paralysis, and underlying diseases. The two cases here in described represent the first report of nosocomial myiasis in the Kurdistan Province, in Western Iran and one of them is the first report of myiasis involving a COVID-19-infected patient. The causal agent was Lucilia sericata. The taxonomical identification of the larvae of the second and third instar was based on the morphology of the cephaloskeleton, anterior spiracles, and peritreme plaques.

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Nosocomial myiasis Nasopharyngeal COVID-19 Lucilia sericata

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