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Retrospective Review of Complications of Liver Hydatid Cyst Surgery with Emphasis on Outcomes of Omentoplasty


Background: The outcome and complications of liver hydatid cyst surgeries with new and old techniques are not well determined. We intended to present the results of operations done for patients with hepatic hydatid cyst in an endemic area.

Methods: Data of 112 patients referred and operated for liver hydatid cyst, in Imam Khomeini Hospital complex, Tehran, Iran, from 2015 to 2018, were collected including demographic characteristics, operation parameters and complication related statistics. The variables were presented for different surgical methods including operations with and without omentoplasty.

Results: Patients aged 39. 3 ± 13. 9 yr (70 females; 63. 5%). Most frequent clinical complaint was vague abdominal pain (n=45; 40. 2%). The most prevalent comorbidity was hypertension (18; 16.0%). Conservative methods were chosen more frequently including omentoplasty (44; 39. 3%), cyst drainage (27; 24. 1%), cyst resection (19; 17%) and marsupialization (3; 2. 7%). Overall, 56 patients (50%) were operated with omentoplasty as the single method or in combination with segmentectomy. Complications occurred less in patients operated with omentoplasty (41. 1 vs. 23. 2%; P=0. 043); particularly, biloma was more frequent in surgeries without omentoplasty (7. 1 vs 0. 0%; P=0. 042). Persistence and recurrence rates were 12. 5% and 3. 6% with relative predilection in, respectively, segmentectomy and lobectomy surgical methods compared to Omentoplasty. No mortality was recorded.

Conclusion: In our case series of hepatic hydatid cyst patients, omentoplasty was safe with less complication and similar long-term recurrence rate.

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