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First Report of Passerilepis parina (Cestoda: Hymenolepidi-dae) from Parus major in Iran: A Probable Fatal Case Due to Hyperinfection


Cestodes are important parasites that can affect the health of humans and wildlife. Among these, the genus Passerilepis is an important endoparasite of Passeriform birds while poorly studied in Iran. During a parasitological field survey in central parts of Iran in 2018, thirty-two cestodes, as an obstructive intertwined mass, recovered from the intestine of a recently dead Parus major (great tit). Morphological characteristics of recovered cestodes were drawn carefully by a camera lucida equipped microscope and identification was carried out using standard keys. All of the collected cestodes were identified as P. parina. In the current study, we recorded P. parina from great tit for the first time in Iran.

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