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Concomitant Occurrence of Hepatopulmonary hydatid Cysts in Turkey


Background: We aimed to report the demographic characteristics with diagnosis and treatment methods in patients with concomitant hepatopulmonary hydatid cysts.

Methods: Over a ten-year period (from 2002–2020) in Konya, Turkey, surgery was performed on 52 patients with hepatopulmonary hydatid cyst. Main outcome measure(s) were 52 hydatid cysts patients, which had cysts both in the liver and lungs, were investigated regarding their age, gender, cyst localization, suppuration, symptoms, and treatment methods.

Results: Seventeen of the patients were males. Their mean age was 39.7±18.8 years. The most common occupation was housewifery. The most common symptom was coughing and none of the patients with concomitant hepatopulmonary hydatid cysts was asymptomatic. The pulmonary hydatid cysts were mostly encountered in the right lung and the majority of the hepatic hydatid cysts were observed in the right lobe. The mean hospitalization time of the operated patients was 17.12±6.7 days.

Conclusion: In patients with hydatid cysts localized concomitantly in the right lung and subdiaphragmatic area, right thoracotomy for the pulmonary cyst and a transdiaphragmatic approach for the hepatic cyst is a safe, effective, and comfortable method.

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