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First Report of Joyeuxiella spp. Infection in Eurasian Lynx and Its Histopathology Study from Iran: A Case Report


According to the last information of IUCN Red List, Eurasian lynx has been endangered since 2010. The population of this animal is heavily affected by infectious parasites. Two adult Eurasian lynx (one male and one female) were illegally hunted and found dead in Parvar National Park, Semnan Province, Iran. After the autopsy, the tissue and parasite samples were collected from gastrointestinal tract and transferred to 70% alcohol. Samples were recovered and identified as Joyeuxiella spp.  Sonsino, 1889. Tissue samples were taken from the place of sticking of parasites on the intestinal wall, for histopathological examination, and were transferred to 10% buffered formalin. Following routine processes and H&E staining, the slides were examined microscopically. Main histopathological observations were epithelial hyperplasia and destruction, inflammatory cell infiltration in mucosa and submucosa of jejunum. To the best of the author’s knowledge, this is the first report and histopathological study of Joyeuxiella spp. in the world in Eurasian lynx.

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