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Trypanocidal Effect of Nano MOFs-EP on Circulating Forms of Trypanosoma cruzi


Background: Chagas disease caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi is considered a neglected disease in several countries. One of the main problems about this disease is the lack of an effective treatment and the absence of adverse effects. T. cruzi, like most pathogenic fungi and yeasts, require specific sterols to maintain viability and proliferative capacity during their life cycle. However, the oxidation of this molecule to ergosterol peroxide has shown several biological effects, including its trypanocidal activity.

Methods: We have synthesized MOFs nanoparticles as carrier system coupled to ergosterol peroxide (MOFs-EP) and we have studied its effect on the circulating forms of the T. cruzi parasite.

Results: MOFs-EP possess an efficient trypanocidal activity at much lower inhibitory concentrations (ng/mL) that the concentrations shown by ergosterol peroxide (mg/mL) when administered unconjugated form.

Conclusion: Our results open a new possibility in the biomedical application of MOFs and ergosterol peroxide in the search for new options for the treatment of Chagas disease.

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Metal-organic frame-works (MOFs) Ergosterol peroxide Chagas disease Trypanosoma cruzi Trypanocidal activity

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