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Combined Albenazole-Praziquantel Treatment in Recurrent Brain Echinococcosis: Case Report


We present a 40-year-old woman with a history of relapsing echinococcosis who had undergone a number of surgical procedures for cyst removal (right pulmectomy, cardiac surgery and 6 subsequent brain surgeries and two gamma knife procedures) and was admitted to University Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Fran Mihaljević”, Zagreb, Croatia in 2014 for pre-operative medical treatment of brain hydatidosis in the right parietal region. We aimed to attain a high cyst albendazole sulphoxide (ASO) concentration in order to achieve a more pronounced protoscolex inactivation and a high serum ASO concentration (reflecting the tissue concentrations) to reduce the risk of disease recurrence. The patient was treated with a higher dose of albendazole (15 mg/kg/day for 4 wk) that we had found effective in patients with liver hydatidosis, and combined with praziquantel over the last 14 d at a dose that is typically used to treat neurocysticercosis with an intention to improve ASO bioavailability. Neither serum nor cerebrospinal fluid concentrations on day 10 apparently differed from those on day 24 indicating a lack of an effect of praziquantel on ASO bioavailability. Intra-cystic ASO concentration was below the lower limit of quantification, but above the limit of detection. After the 7th episode of the disease and combined albendazole-praziquantel and surgery treatment, the patient achieved a 3-year remission. With the apparent lack of a meaningful pharmacokinetic praziquantel-albendazole interaction, this is most likely ascribable to the use of a higher albendazole dose than previously.

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