Case Report

Ovarian Cancer or Hydatidosis? A Case Report


Echinococcus granulosus has been described as the common etiology of hydatid cysts in many parts of the world. A 54-yr-old female with lower abdominal pain referred to Gynecology Ward of Sari Imam Khomeini Hospital, Iran in 2016. Sonography was carried out and cysts in ovaries and liver were observed. The cysts of liver seemed to be hydatidosis but physicians were suspected about ovarian cystic mass. Anti-Echinococcus antibodies (ELISA) screen was positive. The operation was done on her and treatment by albendazole started one week before surgery and continued after discharge from the hospital. Pathology confirmed hydatidosis in ovary, also patient follow-up was performed for three months by abdominal CT scan that showed peritoan full of many small hydatid cysts. Uncommon locations for constitution of hydatid cysts such as ovary and peritoan often make the diagnosis very difficult. Hydatidosis is considered in differential diagnosis of any cysts of the entire body, especially in endemic countries such as Iran.

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