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Monitoring the Response of Plasmodium vivax to Chloroquine and Uncomplicated P. falciparum to Artesunate-fansidar Antimalarials in Southeastern Iran


Background: For many years, malaria was a major life-threatening parasitic infection in Iran. Although malaria elimination program is implementing in the country, still some cases annually are reported from malaria-endemic areas.

Methods: This study was conducted in five malaria endemic districts of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, southeastern Iran, neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan countries. Overall, 170 and 38 vivax malaria and falciparum malaria infected patients were enrolled in the study from 2013-2014. All the cases were selected according to criteria of the WHO guideline for in vivo drug sensitivity tests in malaria parasites. Evaluation of drug sensitivity test was conducted with some modifications.

Results: The patients with vivax malaria responded to the regimen of chloroquine in 37.4(±15.9), 40(±13.8) and 42(±17.7) h for Pakistani, Iranian and Afghani nationalities respectively based on MPCT evaluation. The results showed a considerable difference between them and Iranian subjects. MPCT for the patients with falciparum malaria was calculated as 28(±18.05), 26(±12.03) and 36(±16.9) h for Iranian, Pakistani and Afghani nationalities respectively. There was a marginally significant difference between Afghani and other nationalities and between males and females.

Conclusion: Treatment of all the patients resulted in ACPR and MPCT of P. vivax showed that the parasite became more sensitive to chloroquine than previous years in studied areas.

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