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In Vitro and in Vivo Scolicidal Activities of Holothuria leucospilota Extract and CeO2 Nanoparticles against Hydatid Cyst


Background: We aimed to investigate the scolicidal effects of Holothuria leucospilota extract and CeO2 nanoparticles against protoscoleces of hydatid cysts in-vitro and in-vivo.

Methods: Hydatid cysts were collected from, Urmia slaughterhouses between years 2016-2017 and the hydatid fluid aspirated from the fertile cysts. Various concentration of H. leucospilota extract, CeO2 NPs and combination of CeO2-NPs/H. leucospilota were used for 10-60 min to evaluate the viability of protoscoleces by 0.1% eosin method. CASPASE -3 activity measured for assessment of cell apoptosis in treated protoscoleces. BALB/c mice were infected intraperitoneally with 2000 viable protoscoleces and treated daily for 4 wk by intragastrical inoculation with H. leucospilota, CeO2 NPs, combination of CeO2 NPs/H. leucospilota and Albendazole. Cyst development was macroscopically analyzed.

Results: H. leucospilota extract and combination of CeO2 NPs/H. leucospilota have potent scolicidal activity at concentration of 20 mg/ml and 15 mg/ml after 60 min treatment. Maximum caspase-3 activity was observed when protoscoleces expose with H. leucospilota and combination H. leucospilota & CeO2 NPs. After treatment of cyst infected mice with extract and CeO2 NPs, combination of CeO2 NPs/H leucospilota and albendazole, a significant decrease in number of cysts, size and volume of cyst (P<0.05) was observed.

Conclusion: This result shows an antihydatic and scolicidal effects of H. leucospilota extract and CeO2 NPs.

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