Case Report

Esophageal Infection of Spirocerca lupi with Vulpes rueppellii in Yazd Province, Iran: Case Report


Spirocerca lupi is an international nematode of Canine and wild carnivores. The generic clinical symptoms are regurgitation, vomiting, and pursiness. The parasite usually procreates nodular masses in the esophagus and pectoral aorta. On July 2014, a four-month male sandy fox was found accidentally killed on the road in Bafgh City, Southeast of Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran during necropsy, referring to esophagus, parasites were collected from esophagus and transmissive up to 70% of alcohol. Parasites were recognized as S. lupi. After clarification of lactophenol and staining, the nematodes were recognized as S. lupi according to key guidelines of Taylor. Besides, the tissue samples were isolated from esophagus wall - the appendix site of nematode for histopathological investigation - so they were transmissive up to 10% of buffered formalin and stained with haematoxylin and eosin. Microscopic diagnoses in esophagus were included epithelial destruction, wall thickening, inflammatory cells infiltration, necrosis and vascular thrombosis. With the author’s knowledge, this is the first report and histopathological investigation of S. lupi in sandy fox.

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