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Genetic Diversity in C-terminal of SERA5 Gene in the Blood Stage of Human Isolates of Plasmodium vivax in Sistan and Baluchistan, Iran


Background: Vivax malaria is more prevalent in the malarious areas of Iran, which makes vaccine research a high priority. Serine Repeat Antigens (SERA) have essential role in the parasite life cycle and high expression profiles of PvSERA5 make it suitable vaccine candidates. This study aimed to evaluate the genetic diversity of C-terminal region of PvSERA5 in Iranian isolates of Plasmodium vivax in Sistan and Baluchistan.

Methods: Totally, 49 blood samples were taken from symptomatic malaria patients in Sistan and Baluchistan Province in 2016. Mono-infection to P. vivax was confirmed by 18srRNA-Nested-PCR. Genomic DNA was extracted and C-terminal region of PvSERA5 was amplified by specific primers. PCR-products have been sequenced and analysis was done by using bioinformatics software, mainly DnaSP & MEGA5.

Results: Genetic diversity was calculated 14.8% in C-terminal region of PvSERA5 in Iranian isolates, 19 different sequences and 4 haplotypes existed. The amount of Tajima’s D (0.3805) and ratio of non-synonymous to synonymous mutation (1.82) showed that C-terminal region of PvSERA5 is under positive natural selection; also intragenic recombination could interfere.

Conclusion: Results could be helpful in any research, regarding this antigen as vaccine candidate in Iran or worldwide.

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