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Effects of Cytokine Therapy for Treatment and Prophylaxis of Hydatidosis in Experimental Animal Model (Mice)


Background: We aimed to use of IL-12 and IFN-γ for prevention and treatment of hydatidosis in experimental animal models.

Methods: This experimental study was conducted in Ahvaz City, southwest of Iran in 2017.  Forty female BALB/C mice with 6-8 wk old were divided into four groups (two group test and two group control). The mice were challenged with 2000 protoscolices and a combination of IL-12 (10 µg/kg) and IFN-γ (25 µg/kg) was injected intraperitoneally daily one week at the time of challenging (prevention group) and three months after challenging (treatment group). After four months, the mice were euthanized and the number, size, and weight of the cysts were measured in all studied groups. Pathologic slides were prepared from cyst wall for pathologic changes study.

Results: There issignificant reduction in number, size, and weight of cysts in test groups.

Conclusion: Cytokine therapy is effective methods especially for prevention of cyst formation and to treat non-operable cases. Further study of combination of chemotherapy and cytokine therapy should be investigated.


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