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Endoparasites of Jungle Cats (Felis chaus) and Their Pathologic Lesions


Background: The jungle cats (Felis chaus) are native to Asia, and found in Iran. Although north of Iran has a wide distribution of jungle cats, there is not any data about prevalence of parasitic infections in the population of these cats.

Methods: From 2012 to 2015, seven specimens of the wild jungle cat (Felis chaus) from north of Iran, Mazandaran Province, northern Iran were collected and examined for their endoparasites and pathological lesions which were caused by the parasites.

Results: Parasitological evaluations showed several species of endoparasites in the small intestine of cats including nematode (Toxocara cati), trematode (Alaria alata), and cestode (Mesocestoides lineatus). All of the examined jungle cats were infected to parasitic infections. From the total number of 7 jungle cats T. cati was found in 6 cats, A. alata in 1 cat, and M. lineatus was recovered from 3 cats. Histopathological samples displayed necrosis, vacuolar degeneration, atrophy, destruction of tissue, hyperemia, and infiltration of inflammatory cells in the intestine tissue.

Conclusion: This study for the first reported T. cati, A. alata, and M. lineatus and their pathologic effects in the small intestine of jungle cat.

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