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Determination of Asymptomatic Malaria among Afghani and Pakistani Immigrants and Native Population in South of Kerman Province, Iran


Background: This study was proposed to monitor the situation of asymptomatic malaria among the native population and Afghani and Pakistani immigrants in Kahnooj and Ghale-Ganj districts from Kerman Province, Southeastern Iran.

Methods: A number of 180 and 120 individuals from Kahnooj and Ghale-Ganj respectively were registered and considered based on a cross-sectional surveillance method. From 300 registered cases, 200 individuals (66.7%) were selected among Afghani and Pakistani immigrants and the rest (33.3%) were native resident individuals. All samples were processed with employing microscopical examination, Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) and Semi- nested Multiplex PCR techniques.

Results: None of the samples collected from native residents showed any malaria parasite, but among Afghani immigrants, one asymptomatic vivax malaria was detected in a 12 yr old girl with 280 parasites per microliter of blood. Moreover, one symptomatic vivax malaria was detected from a Pakistani immigrant with 47560 parasites per microliter of blood. All results obtained via microscopical method, confirmed by RDTs and PCR techniques.

Conclusion: To achieve the malaria elimination program different studies are needed that to be performed. Monitoring the asymptomatic malaria in all over the malaria endemic areas especially among the immigrant individuals is the most crucial necessity. 

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