Iranian Journal of Parasitology 2013. 8(4):651-654.

An incidental diagnosis of neurocysticercosis in a dental patient.
Mahesh K Puttaraju, Srikanth Hanasoge Srivathsa


Tenia solium, a parasite causes cysticercous cellulose when affecting the central nervous system, the manifestation is called neurocysticercosis. The most common symptom in neurocysticercosis is seizure. Generally, oral diagnosticians come across cases of oral cysticercosis and it is rare to find a case of neurocysticercosis in the dental office, as it goes unde-tected. Sometimes, when patients experience seizure in the dental office and subsequent evaluation is performed, rarity such as this can be de-tected. One case of neurocysticercosis in a 27 year old unmarried female patient detected due to its presentation in the dental office is being re-ported here.


Cysticercosis; Neurocysticercosis; Seziure; Taenia solium

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