Iranian Journal of Parasitology 2014. 9(2):282-285.

Human Linguatulosis Caused by Linguatula serrata in the City of Kerman, South-eastern Iran- Case Report.
Rostam Yazdani, Iraj Sharifi, Mehdi Bamorovat, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi


Human linguatulosis poses an important medical and veterinary concern in en-demic countries. Animals, as reservoir host, play a major role in transmission of infestation and epidemiology of the disease. This study reports a case of human linguatulosis caused by Linguatula serrata in the city of Kerman, South-eastern Iran. A woman suffering from upper respiratory symptoms is presented. The pa-tient consumed raw liver of sheep who was admitted to the Afzalipour University Hospital in Kerman for the symptoms of upper respiratory tract. In microscopic examination of the nasopharyngeal discharge, L. serrata was detected. This report has future medical implication in precise diagnosis of L. serrata in patients with complaints of nasopharyngeal symptoms.


Halzoun syndrome; Iran; Linguatula serrata; Linguatulosis

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