Iranian Journal of Parasitology 2016. 11(3):406-410.

In Vitro Efficacy of the Ankaferd Galenic Hemostatic Extract as a Germicidal Agent
Bayram METİN, Neziha YILMAZ, Yunus Emre BEYHAN, Cahit BABÜR, Mesut SİPAHİ, Hüseyin EDE, Yavuz Selim İNTEPE, Ergin ARSLAN, Tugay ATALAY, Mustafa Yaşar ÖZDAMAR


Background: Hydatid cysts are encountered frequently in regions endemic with livestock. The basic treatment for a hydatid cyst is total surgical removal of the cyst and its inner contents. Hypertonic NaCl or diluted betadine solution are used as germicidal agents for most hydatid surgeries. However, the germicidal efficacy of the Ankaferd Blood Stopper® (ABS) has not been investigated. Thus, we compared the efficacy of ABS for hydatid cysts with that of other germicidal agents.

Methods: Lung and liver tissues containing hydatid cyst liquid were collected from slaughterhouses. Six samples of each cyst were randomly allocated into different groups as follows: 20% hypertonic NaCl, betadine solution, ABS, 20% liquefied Andazole solution, 0.1% eosin, and distilled water. All groups were examined microscopically at 5, 10, and 15 min after treatment began to determine protoscolece viability rates.

Results: The most efficacious germicidal agent at 5 min was ABS, and betadine and hypertonic NaCl had similar efficacies. Betadine, ABS, and hypertonic NaCl showed similar efficacies at 15 min. 

Conclusion: ABS was an effective germicidal agent to treat hydatid cysts.


Hydatid cyst; Germicidal agent; Ankaferd blood stopper

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